Thursday, June 1, 2017

Book Review


BOOK: Cherophobia

Author: Ismail M Taher

Rating: 4/5 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. It's about different characters who are going through different phases in their lives. Some are going through depression, some anxiety, some the loss of family members, and some are just starting to get their lives back on track. Their stories intertwine in some of the oddest ways, and I was reminded of the movies Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. I loved slowly figuring out how they were all connected. Through all of that, there is a recurring theme of love and healing. I like the thought of this life ring being thrown at you in your time of need. John has some difficulties speak, and I liked that as the story unraveled the conversations got smoother.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Book Review


Book Review

Book: 23:27
Author: H.L. Roberts
This book is a diverse read, but it's also more than that. It's raw and emotional, and real. It will break your heart, and in the next sentence have you laughing. It is a book about cyber bullying, suicide, and suicide prevention. While the characters are fictional, their story is true for many. I found it easy to connect with the characters. Anyone who has suffered from depression can connect with Lilith, and anyone who has loved someone with depression can connect to Alec. Or maybe you can identify with both. It's a book about love, and how it can pull you out of even the darkest of times. H.L. Roberts did a fantastic job of pulling the characters together. This book kept me on the edge of my seat page after page, and I was so worried how it would end. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would encourage everyone to read it. Congratulations H.L. on your first YA novel.  It was a great one. I can't wait to see what you do in the future.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FairyLoot Unboxing

Today I have a FairyLoot unboxing!!! This box was supposed to be delivered Friday but I was not home so I got it yesterday. This was a great box that was jam-packed with a ton of stuff.
First off was the spoiler card that had a beautiful print on the front. The theme for this month was Warriors & Legends:

Next was a very cool metallic feather pen made by Flora's Wonder Emporium. Also Celtic socks exclusively by FaiyLoot:
There was an awesome "Lord of the Rings" woodmark by Ink and Wonder. I have been wanting one of their bookmarks for a while now so I was very excited about it:
Next there was an opposing tin candle from In The Wick Of Time which was named by the author of the book. Two were sent out one named Flame and one named Mist. I got Mist. The scent is warm stone and woodsmoke, and it smells divine:
There was also jasmine & lychee green tea from The Tea Leaf Co called Warriors & Legends:
Also in the box was a second book called "World Mythology in Bite-Sized Chunks" by Mark Daniels. I can't wait to read it, I love to read about mythology and legends!!
On top of the two books there was also a chapter sampler of "Naondel" by Maria Turtschaninoff:
Finally after all that I got down to the book bag which included the Fairyscoop, two bookmarks, a signed book plate, and a letter from the author:
And last but not least the book "Flame in the Mist" by Renee Ahdieh:
This is a retelling of Mulan. Mariko is forced into an engagement to the son of the emperor's favorite consort. But before she can get to the imperial city of Inako she is ambushed by the Black Clan who have been hired to kill her. She dresses as a boy and infiltrates the clan only to find she might actually belong there. It sounds like a very interesting book and I will be reading it very soon. 
In other news I will be doing a review for "23:27" by H.L. Roberts within the next week so be on the look out for that, I already have it written I just have to clean it up a bit from the original draft. I will also be posting more unboxings this month so keep an eye out.   






Monday, May 22, 2017

Get to Know

So as my first blog post I thought I might just share a little bit about myself. I am a 16 year old lover of books. I live in a small town in North Carolina. I have a sister and a brother, two nephews and a niece that I adore. We are a very close family and for the most part very supportive of one another. My love of books started around the age of 7 when my parents enrolled me in a summer reading class. Up until that point I hated to read and they didn't know what to do with me. They figured the class couldn't hurt so off to college I went. It was a class filled with kids just like me who hated to stare at a page for longer than a minute. I don't remember everything thing about that summer, but I remember I had a great teacher who didn't give up on me and worked with me until I loved to read. I couldn't believe I had ever not liked it. That class was one of the best things my parents have done for me. I am very thankful of that and of the teacher who worked with me. I can't imagine how my life would have turned out if I hadn't gone. From that point on I loved to read. It was an effort to get me out of a book. I remember in the second year of middle school my history teacher was always late so I would take out my book and read. The only problem was even after she got there I wouldn't stop. I love history it's my second best subject but that year I almost failed. Now I am homeschooled and will be taking the GED soon. Cross your fingers I pass please!!! So as I stated in my profile I created this blog to give people like me a voice. I feel like we are a big community and we ought to have the chance to speak what's on our minds. So please now,and in the future don't be afraid to comment and share!!!